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Harden elite item sale price


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The harden elite item sale price is only 50 gold. Every other elite collectible sells for 500, golds sell for 100, and silvers sell for 50. So the harden elite collectibles are worth the same as silvers? Is this an oversight or mistake? I have a couple hundred extra, and I?m not selling till I get the 83 harden, you never know what bogus set item they may require, but it?d be nice to know they?re selling for the same price as their counterparts.
I'm not selling anything for as long as I can until my inventory is full. Near the end of the season there will probably be a set that requires all your collectibles e.g. 250 collectibles for an Ultimate legend collectible in season 1, and for last season I don't remember the promo but there was something similar.


Pro 1
I'm keeping the Rockets I'm still getting but I'm selling a few Thunders once in a while.

It's probably a detail they don't care much about - it's a collectible specific to an elite card, so it may very well be an elite collectible.

But given it was also pretty easy to obtain you get why they limited the quick-sell value to 50. The gold lottery balls from the rookie promo were just golds and they gave them a quick-sell of 500 so there's not a perfect hierarchy in the collectible-tier and their related-quick'sell-value


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