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Good player? Help rebuild United Ballerz Club- Join here!


Rookie 2
Hey everyone,

Been here since season 1, joined a few leagues but have stayed in this league so long I became the Commissioner. It's the only league that rarely has people skipping and the guys are pretty cool.

Haven't been on in a while and our league while very competitive has gone from a top 200 team (as high as the 90s) to a top 5-600 team.

Mostly we have had some very good players quit out of boredom (which I get) last season.

I am recruiting anyone who plays just about every tourney and has good margins. I would say the avg player is a +15-20 in their quarters. We have beaten some top 200 teams but if we play a team ranked 50-100, we just don't have enough right now.

So help us get back to that top level status. If you are interested, comment below and I will invite you!

Thanks and keep grinding!



Rookie 2
United Ballerz was one of my fondest memories in this game during S1 and parts of S2. Am just not competitive enough nowadays to come back. Just a casual player now.


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