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Gold players


Rookie 1
I regularly do 20K/40K and sell 5-10% of them each time.
It's pretty time consuming and mostly just a place to store players so it doesn't count against my 1200 item limit.


Rookie 1
That glitch doesn't work at all like how it used to anymore. When it had just came out you'd be able to sell like half or more than half of your gold players. I just did it right now and only 10 out if 236 auctions sold.


Rookie 1
Yeah I agree.. used to make millions a day.. but now it?s not worth the trouble.. wish EA made a dismiss all and sell all button.. would?ve made life oh soooo much easier..


Rookie 1
I have 80 gold players and dunno what to do with them even as I use them as TP cards.

Selling on AH is just as stated by you guys: cumbersome. Zzzz


Rookie 2
The 7499-49999 one is still working but only 20-30 percent players sell and most of then gets sold for more than 20k

Now let me give you some advice - you can make ur own glitches its just about choosing the right numbers keep bid price less than 10k always and buy now always less than 80k