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Ghost CJ loses the ball so easily !!!


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Idk if I am the only one facing that...but on the last possession I was holding the ball to take the clutch with him...with 5 seconds left I run to his clutch spot, and the ball got STRIPPED off him ( I wasnt doing any fancy movements ! Just moving the joystick ! ) !!! This has happened 5 times...never had this with any player I used since S1, figured out I would rant about him

Dribble stats 75 and 81, would that matter ?


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Yes dribble stats most definitely matter the dribble speed seems to be the likelihood they sprint while dribbling and the dribbling of it's low the AI will have better chance to rip you that's why driving with bigmen can be dangerous due to their lower dribble stats usually because they can easily be stripped or fouled without it being called which results in the ball going out on you or the AI picking it up which we used to call a "bump steal" when people could spam that on the AI by usually funneling them to the boundaries


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