Fun, Cooperative Top 200 League Looking For A Few Members


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Sup Fellas, our league - Afflalo Creed - is looking for 3-5 new members. Great group of guys who share a lot of information and generally help each other out. Requirements are 101+ OVR, commitment to play daily Tourneys (or let admins know in advance if you can’t play), and download Kik app for our group chat (we share a lot of helpful info, gameplay videos, card pics, news on upcoming campaigns, and generally answer members questions). We also have a very active EA League Chat. We have a mix of f2p and p2w players and don’t care or judge which way you choose to play the game.

So yeah, take your drives daily and have some fun is pretty much it.

We don’t tolerate cheaters. We’d like to get into top 100, but only the “old fashion” way - by earning it.

Just leave your Username in comments or search league and send request.

Thanks for your time.
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