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Flashbacks - starts this Friday (Nov 10)


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This was shown in the previews for impact a couple days ago so it's talked about some in those threads


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Is this program going to be limited to this stamina burn on Fridays or there's more on the horizon?


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im fine with this being p2w cuz we already have lots of grindable stuff and ea needs their money
Same here.. but more bcz theres only so many things we can grind.. especially with no ads.. is there anyone else still doing ALL the live events.. or am i the only one
Is this program going to be limited to this stamina burn on Fridays or there's more on the horizon?

This is only fridays, so we'll need weeks to get a player without buying packs.

Like the other programs, they will add some new players eventually.


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the second blitz event with the 3 point shooting is bs. How does JR smith brick shots with perfect release?


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They screw this up so badly, I don't get it. If they want to make it difficult, require a perfect release. Otherwise, there's no skill involved so they're just jerking us around for 50 stamina a pop. I

still believe that perfect release is flawed in these events and that if you hit the upper edge of the meter you have a much better chance of making it. I'm even seeing this in SD/ LVL but I can't prove it yet
It's confirmed that there will be a new flashback player every Friday.

Also the events still there today, so someone is lying with that "play every friday" line.


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Man, Reid bricks perfect shots all the time. Even 2pt shots with no defender in the way!!
Is he THAT bad?
Is the blitz event aimed at proving how much this card sucks?


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