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Flashback Live Event


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I see it says win for a chance at a flashback elite player, has anyone actually pulled a flashback elite player through the live event?
Flashback will be once a week from now on. The player sets will disappear as well.
From 10 days to 10 weeks if u played only first win

I had a feeling this would happen so I have grinded nothing else but flashbacks since it came out and saved all my reward packs. Got almost enough for 2 flashback players and will be waiting for the 90+ players to open them. EA likes to look at game data and once they figure out something is to our advantage they change it. I guess they figured out it was way to easy to get a FB player with events everyday.
Tbh, we were lucky that they kept it running for a week. It was supposed to be a weekly event from the get-go. At least this means the card OVR will increase at a quicker rate than expected.


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Lol after reading this post and playing FB I pulled him... guess my luck is over for the season.(I know my Blake Griffin is only 77 ) Good Luck to everybody else.


Proof I didn't build the set to get him.


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