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Final showdown discussions


Pro 1
After 13 seasons, just one more of these posts - this one can be used as a final balance of all SD seasons.


I ended getting 761th place in this final week, after some rest in previous weeks. Best position I got was the Mashburn week when I ended 20 positions away from top100. But I'm quite sure the heaviest week was one with finals player bonus that I didn't get, and got to top500 without it.

Kemp and DeAndre at lvl4 was my final balance of SD players.

Last SD top pull was a 90 S. Adams - with no quick-sell value for some reason.

After missing many 3pters and 2pters in previous weeks while having 28pts, I finally hit 30, in a 30-8.
lots of steals and some two pointers; no abilities; a maxed MM Magic (96->102) taking a final three. 101 vs 96 ovr match.

I also lost three games in a row by one, shortly after getting to legend.


I think we all wonder if this SD format will continue in season 3 (global). Something like an 85 ovr as a prize for the first week of...
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I finished 389 on the Asia server. I wasn't going to bother with Showdown this time but after earning the Certified player bonus I thought I might as well grind it out. I was a 101 OVR once I had the bonus.

It was relatively straightforward up until Legend. I had trouble with this one guy who had a Curry card with double clutch but you guys don't have that card. Once I got to Legend it was fun taking on the big boys and occasionally beating them. I got to take on a 108 OVR which was interesting.

My most memorable matchup was an epic 21-8 vs. 9-21 match against a 104 OVR (2 minute quarters.)

Showdown is slated to continue next season. I guess the top prize will be a 88 or 89 OVR.


All-Star 3
Cool.. same experience.. first time hit 30 in a sd quarter
Tried an autoplay experiment this time as this was the last sd.. played only autoplay trying to reach legend (my classic ovr 103).. reached it pretty easily to my surprise..even had some where I went negative and the opponent went negative and i won(autoplay vs autoplay is my guess)
Once i reached legend played alternate matches with my NBA and classic even thought didnt have a certified in my NBA lineup..ended at 400.. Payton went into the AD set.. 90 shaq from the pack.. could train Jordan and Hayward to 102 and Kemp to 105.. wish I could use them longer though...
All in all I enjoyed showdown.. it rewarded grinders and people who spent money on the lineups.. a guaranteed platinum every 2 weeks was an amazing reward ..


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