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Favourite TV Show


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It took me some time to get into it but... Breaking Bad (best TV series I?ve ever seen)

Family Guy is also one of my favorites and the Simpsons is a classic that never gets old (but it has ups and downs... i feel that the more political it gets the less funny it is; contrarly to South Park which lives off making fun of politics and also never gets old).

Other than that, I?m currently watching/following:
Stranger Things (great to watch with 10+ yo kids, if you have them)
Altered Carbon
Better call Saul
Narcos (s3 is letting me down a bit, as expected)
Black Mirror
(The) Dark (best german audiovisual content i ever saw... truly great stuff)

Waiting to get Westworld s2.
If I get the time/mood for it, Archer and Ash vs Evil Dead


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I have many depending on my mood but comedy wise it's Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Impractical Jokers, American Dad, Seinfeld, and Psych to name some that come to mind and put in no particular order.

Drama wise it's Gotham, Fargo, Snowfall, Law & Order SVU, Chicago PD, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul (a couple seasons behind because that's the only reason I have watched AMC since BB ended so I forgot about it when season 2 or 3 premiered) to name some that come to mind in no particular order

Then there is anything Dragon Ball which idk how to categorize because but I loved it as a kid and took a break from maybe 10-20 but I'm back into it


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Of all time: Breaking Bad, Weeds, Narcos, El Chapo, Hard Knocks
Currently loving: Game of thrones, Daredevil, Westworld, Atlanta, Lost in space, Altered Carbon, Who is America, Mind Hunters and many more (I have no life lol)


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Breaking Bad, Narcos, El Chapo, Homeland, Prison Break
Game of thrones, Vikings, Walking Dead
Helix, Fringe, X-Files, Dexter, The Strain, Orphan Black

Tried 2 times to get into Westworld but I get bored with the repetitions. So many good critics, will have to give it a 3rd try.

Thinking to watch: Stranger things, Better call Saul, Black Mirror, Altered Carbon


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Game of Thrones & Vikings are the best...

Mind Hunters was pretty interesting too.

Black Mirror wasn't bad AcMonkey.


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Oh! It is an amazing show. I am planning to watch it with my family. We almost finished watching series by Andy Yeatman and therefore, I have started to look for more shows and movies online. It was nice coming across this forum. This is going to be very helpful.