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Fastbreak blitz for harden


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If you got a couple bucks to spare, I recommend it. Good amount of NBA cash for $2 + you'll get Harden way faster.


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Yeah I did it and finished it in 12 plays (240 stamina) so it's worth it for double the value of cash and easy way to get Harden
Two bucks is a pretty good deal especially considering they give you NBA cash. I?ve never spent money on the game but I?d be tempted to do that it the packs were available in my country. I have embraced the Showdown grind. NBALM true school.


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I did the math and I can wait another day for Harden. I agree though, if you?re going to spend cash in the game this is a pretty good deal.

This is how P2W vs F2P should work. They offered an attractive pack at a fair price and look what happens...shocking. :roll:


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Yeah, thanks guys. I am also an f2p and planning to keep that status but with this kind of offer then i may also spend some real cash. The $2 (in your currency) won't hurt really and that 400 nba cash alone is already cheap for the price. I agree also that if they continue to post this kind of offer, many players would more likely spend as well and probably give them more earnings rather than overpriced packs which only few can afford. My account hasn't set up yet though to purchase so maybe will buy by tomorrow.


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I don't see the pack either, so Asia's not getting those cash packs huh.
Guess its off to showdown for me too then.


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I don't see the pack either, so Asia's not getting those cash packs huh.
Guess its off to showdown for me too then.

Idk if you played the 1st few Harden events yet or not but you need to play them in order to unlock the packs


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They have the pack name wrong in the event description. It says you need to buy the "Thunder Blitz Pack" to unlock the event but that pack doesn't exist in the store. I think the one you want is the "Fast Break Blitz Pack" for $1.99.

I'm really tempted to buy it, mostly because I don't want to throw away 250,000 rep on a bunch of cards I don't need.


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I did it as well. 2 bucks is nothing and you get the card in no time, but it something says to me that future pack for upgrading Harden Will not be just 2 bucks. I can see it goind for way more. I hope I am not right


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Anyone knows how much stamina does the thunder blitz cost? And how much token you get each time?
I'm close to the 250k rep and consider spending it on the 5 showdown packs but only if it's possible get the 100 thunder token by grinding. Don't want to spend real money.
I don't see the pack .........from japan......

You can't get any of the special offers in Japan. You can only purchase packs with coins, rep or NBA cash. Last season there were a couple of packs you could buy for yen but a lot of the things that were offered for real money like Doorbuster Kawhi or Perfect Present Westbrook were sold for NBA cash on NBALM Asia.

Now that NBALM Asia is no more, EA Japan is no longer doing the maintenance. We get the same maintenance that the global server does because Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are now part of the same server as everyone else.

I will keep asking EA about this because if it's a season-long trend to have special offers then it's not fair if entire countries are missing out.


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