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Experience vs this type of lineup?


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Let me know guys, do you lose vs this guys who have this type of lineup? Nothing special, solid players from playoff promo, but maxed. I dont know what is it but i always lose. I cant score and my Lebron who has 100 3pt miss everytime, its funny, i guess someone have same problem. And also I think my team is much better, buut okkk...


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JK Fun

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This game is only about Team ovr, the AI doesn?t recognize that one team maybe better then another, it?s 2 equal teams in the eyes of the AI both at 97, get your team up to 98 or 99 if you can and you will see a huge difference when playing a 97, I promise you this =)


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What JK Fun said..

Even from 98 to 99 I feel a massive difference against even an 98.
Also agreed. Still sitting at 98 for classic, but life isn?t too bad as a 99 for nba. Better still, the path to reaching 100 OVR looks easier these days with so many opportunities to nab 100+ players affordably/through grinding with zero spend. I still have New Years westbrook on my bench at 94 OVR, so getting a 100 Classic pG will push me over the edge finally. Similar opportunities to advance to higher OVRs are aplenty.
What JK Fun said..

Even from 98 to 99 I feel a massive difference against even an 98.

I also agree that was a huge step.


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I have no problem with this kind of line up.
One point, you both have the same 97 ovr, but your starting line up got 3 99 ovr + a 100 ovr.

Their bench mean something.


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