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Endless terror trial events

Let?s talk about these endless trial events, it refreshes every 8 hours. You get a spellbook everytime but there are issues. Anyone else miss wide open shots, even airballing them? I missed a lot of shots and failed the event quite a few times as an result. Just wondering
Gotta be someone trolling at EA if I had to guess based on the event name and the shot percentages. You can usually do these drills with one eye closed and maybe with one hand lol but now you really have to focus, set your feet, time the release as perfect as you can ( but I think this event maybe likes your release to be slightly above center, at least that's the case with Simmons) and hope it goes in lol.
I havent lost any events yet but i agree shots are unnecessarily more difficult. Missing perfect mid range shots in a live event is just annoying.


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I also notice that they go in more often when you hit the edges of the release circle. Perfect release seems to brick more often than not.
I also notice that they go in more often when you hit the edges of the release circle. Perfect release seems to brick more often than not.
So true. I find myself missing most of the perfect releases but the moment I don't hit a perfect release it goes in.
Great point, guys. I would say this, i still win the event most of the time so it is not super bad, I guess. But the room 1 endless event is way better and way easier


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I simply don't get EA on this...
I mean what is the point of having us miss perfect releases?
Who benefits from that? that simply beyond me.
If the want to charge more stamina just have the event cost 30 or 40 stamina and be done with it...

Any shooting event should have perfect releases go in. that's it!


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It's simply EA taking stamina from you, under the false notion of "difficult".

It's just sad cuz this game always had great potential.. after 2 seasons we could have amazing product. We were their best testers. When S1 was close to end we gave them a huge list of bugs at GG, what could be tweaked/fixed. 1.5 years and all they did with gameplay and events is nerfing (to the point when you often want to break your phone).

I will never understand why EA think all this non-sense will make players want to spend more on the game..
- packs that cost so much and are just luck-trash, not even worth try
- gameplay worse than 2 years ago
- nerfing simple events for 20-30 stamina with crappy rewards that should be super easy even for people with 75ov franchises
- AH... well, do I need to comment on this?
- bench.. only in the game to make you spend more cuz it counts to team's overall, gives you absolutly nothing cuz after 2 months we have just 2 or 3 players with BS position boost

I like home page of the game, I like graphics of most campaigns but that's just it, the rest is trash.

I have a lot of 'free' (won) money from my bet365 account, I could spend on this game every season helping them and having fun at the same time, but they don't want us to have fun, their way to make money is making game unfair and f**k with users, that's why I play just for free (well if spending 1-3 $ per season is paying for the game then ok, I pay for the game too lol).

I love this community and the fact that people are still passionate about this game, but what they are doing makes me feel it is my last season. I had hopes before S3 but oh well..


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