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EA could easily stop this league hopping if they wanted to

I play boxing star, if you leave a league, 24 hour grace period before you can enter a new one. Simple as that.

This league hopping has ruined the league play for any honest team in top 100.

I got approached tonight by a league hopper to help him. I was like wtf you do that sheet for anyway man,

He says it?s impossible to be in the top 10 because of alliances(mind u what we are talking about here, a alliance for a game where u win nothing from, what the ffffff is wrong with these nerds), so a bunch of us top teams have all joined forces to league hop to each other?s leagues.

LOL. what a bunch of clowns, a lot of honest players too, it?s like they all brainwashed.

Again, wtf do you want to do that sheet for? Reason please? Why do u want to run around all day making sure u play all these league matches for, what are you doing idiots? For what?


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I don't understand why greed can justify the league hop. I meant, I usually stay in a league for at least one season, and see whether is it justified to move on after that.

I only just moved to a new league after staying at my prior one from Nov '17 till 10/1/19.
Actually see this living legend guy in top Korean #1 league, and I?m playing him on the team reclusion perpetua tank #57.

I think the whole league thing when u get towards top 50 is a sham. They all league hippity hop and u don?t stop.


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