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Do you get upset with showdown?


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it's a balance of all things. A share of skill and if you really played well, a share of impact of the ovr differences and a share of randomness that may or not nullify or even overturn the ovr differences and random luck.

EA doesn't anyone to win all the games, even the best.
And EA doesn't want bad players to lose all the games and quit either.

We've had enough showdown seasons already to know what to expect regarding win percentages against certain OVRs and that in every season there will be a couple of absurd quarters against you and a couple of totally unexpected wins. If you know what to expect and continue to be upset, something needs to change!


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To sum up what edllpt said..
Agst ur ovr +/- 1 u will win 50% of games depending on ur skill.
Below ur ovr u SHD win 90% games except a few where ur opponent played really well(good starters bad bench) and it was one of those quarters where nothing goes in


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Just do what I do; don't play it. It's stress-free that way, and you won't have to complain about all the AI cheese


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I still play SD because its the only thing worth playing, even when I lose games that I thought were easier pie.

So yeah, as for losses...can't avoid them. I just have to get on with it...of course sometimes I do rest from SD, especially during working hours. But once work at the office is done, I will play while on commute or when I am having dinner on my own.


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Nice to share your opinion guys, of course after all this time we do know what to expect. Is just the fact sometimes you losing few games and the minute you doing well a maintenance come around.. this is what upset me most.


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It's perfectly fine to be upset about unfair game design.

it's not fair, but I'd struggle to come up with alternatives that would please both us and ea.

If people had more chances against higher ovr, the high ovr comes here and complains ''how come these low ovr are beating me so often. I spent money to have a good team!!!''

If people have even less chances against higher ovr, the low ovr comes here and complains 'what's the point of playing this p2w bs - being a low ovr I know I will lose so what's the point?'

If the quarters were all equally balanced difficulty, bad player loses all the quarters - he Quits - EA doesn't want that.

if the quarters were all the same difficulty and ended all 16-6 it would be boring quick.

If we only faced same ovr, the incentive to increase ovr would be null - That was happening with h2h this season - EA doesn't want that.

If the good player beats all the higher ovr - no need to increase OVR - EA doesn't want that.

TL DR - system isn't good, but what exactly would make it better for all parts?


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Still playing showdown but set my goal to a minimum so i won't get upset that much. I do not expect also to win all the time even against lower ovr or even if i posted a high margin on my turn.


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You could have just bumped your old thread. Oh wait.....different site. Jk mayne

I rarely get an nto but when I do it?s frustatung.
Gameplay is a mix of skill and programming. It is what it is though you just maximize your opportunities.


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I'm okay with missing shots, having off days and occasionally losing to lower OVR teams but I hate gameplay stuff as the broken rebounding system which I hope will be fixed next season


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Staff member
This is the first time I've made a push for the top 250 and honestly around the 400 mark things get quite difficult against the higher ovrs (I'm 98)

Which is a good thing...


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Absolutely. Sometimes it pits me with impossible opponents, or stupid AI BS happens on lower overalls which cost me an upset. The good news though is that I don't need to play this mode too often.


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I'm annoyed with it right now. I've hit one of those ruts where EA algorithm has decided to nerf my team for some time - yes, it happens - and so I'm a 95 ovr who has to watch the indignity of getting repeatedly beat by an 89 or 90 ovr team. My outside shooting is nerfed to hell and opposing AI is basically Mutombo on steroids level despite being inferior in all stats. And I usually get to Superstar II at least. Today I'm flailing at Allstar I.

It happens. EA has some streak-based probability logic in the code that rears its head now and then. But then it passes and flips the other way where I am able to beat up on 10 opponents in a row.

Just gotta accept it. Same as the wonky rebounding and the fact that AI turnaround fadeaway from 18 feet is "High probability" shot. Probably some of the engineers haven't actually played much real ball on the court.


Rookie 2
Well, update till today..for my SD progress.

I have a D lineup and a balanced lineup for my NBA side.

So if my usual D line up is nerfed to hell, I obviously will use the other line up to shake things up.

I hadn't used Lauri M with Tim D as my front court pairing for past mth as they belonged to my balanced side. So now after using them again, it felt refreshing that on both ends, rebound stats have improved with two big men.

So have block stats....so at least for myself if the AI in SD has figured out how to counter either line up, I am good to switch up and play again...one just need enough players on reserve.


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