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Do what I say, not what I did! MM Master/AH


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I learned the hard way only MM w ability are currently auctionable. Bought Westbrook w ability and tried to auction my Westbrook w no ability and couldn’t. Checked my Booker with no ability and couldn’t. Checked McDermott with ability and could. EA could have clarified that since the program instructions said all the MM masters are auctionable during the campaign (at least I seem to remember it did.). Anyway cost me nearly 4mil coins. Guess I can’t auction “regular” Westbrook until Campaign over. Figure the net loss will be 2mil easily. Ugh...


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Like I said — do what I say, not what I did. lolol. Fortunately my stupidity in this instance is outweighed only by the stupid number of coins I have.
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I don't understand why they try to screw ppl with Non-Auctionable status. I understand that during a promo it can hurt their bottom line. But stuff like the April Fool's cards should be free game. It was free packs and not many ppl pulled Shaq. So even if they sold it immediately, there would still be demand and ppl would still buy packs to try for him. Now there are ppl that pulled 2 of the same card....can't use it & can't sell it. They aren't often able to see things from the end users point of view and its so old/ tired
Maybe this Saturday some players will be auctionable.

Just noticed that my 90 ovr Magic from christmas, who is collecting dust in the bench of my shooting lineup, is still unauctionable.... almost 4 months there....


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