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Did anything change with 3-pt shooting?


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I've got Billups, Starks, Hornacek, new Jalen Rose, Porzingis, Markannen, Detlef, Peja... Like practically all 90+ 3-pt shooters, with a 3-6 boost on top of that.

And last week they all shoot like shit...feels like something changed and outside shooting got badly nerfed. Constant "Missed" and "Missed Open Look".. I connect on some but used to connect on a good bit more.

Anyone know of any changes? Is it just me? I was never just shooting 3s, but now I've basically given up on them and only play an inside game. My + margins in Showdown have decreased.


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U'll always go thru up and downs in the game.. just keep playing it will revert back to normal.. if it doesn't try changing ur coach or bench player etc


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Using potm payton, hornacek and granger with 3pt boost... all over 97 3pt rating and have been missing about 55% of 3pt shots in league play since last week..
So yea definitely have noticed a change and others in my league have confirmed the same... it was actually a topic earlier today..

Jeff was light out before but now I'm missing


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I?ve experienced this before, what antadoc says sounds about right.. works in patches...
Nothing works right this week. This season in showdown I lost 56 games in total from much lower over teams. Especially teams just got into legend division. I don?t use 3pt anymore apart of clutch.


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Something definitely changed for me. It may be just that the game is consistently giving me higher OVRs now, and the stupid thing is that the AI doesn't necessarily just make opponent better but makes you worse.. I've experienced this a lot where the same wide open shots that go in against a 93 ovr team will regularly miss against a 97 ovr... Lame. But yeah... 3s are basically dead for me now.


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