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Collectibles will be auctionable next month

According to Brian:

Stop quickselling tokens people!!

This will be good for those extra impact elite tokens. This could accelerate other programs as well if you can buy tokens....


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The first tweet is kinda cryptic because the tweet from the person that asked the question doesn't use English as a 1st language (at least I hope so because otherwise that would be really bad if someone with English as their 1st language wrote that) so the answer can be about anything but maybe he meant just promo stuff because the 2nd person talked about Christmas
ea is taking steps back to make the game like it was back in s1. were there any auctionable collectibles last year?
None last year. This is what they've been doing. After season 1 they took many of the features away then they slowly re-introduced those same features instead of giving us something new. It's a smart strategy to make it seem like they are working on the game and giving us new content but in fact all their doing is re-introducing them. Lineups is another good example. It's like we're running around in circles instead of moving forward.


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