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Can somebody explain this


Rookie 1
Is this only china exclusive or it will soon drop in global i dont know chinise what are these sets for ?



Rookie 1
He said this is a new campaign for China?s version instead of Taiwan and Japan?s version. The campaign required user to use NBA cash to exchange the diamond for S3 (actually NBA cash = diamond). Also, user can turn in player to exchange the token for S3. (It seems that the token can be exchange some speaicl packs in S3 sets)
The China app has Season Master tokens and Season Transfer tokens. The Season Master tokens are for special players (mostly store exclusive cards) and platinums while the Season Transfer tokens are for bronze, silver, gold and elite players. You can redeem the tokens in Season 3 for new cards.

It is a China exclusive along with the new real-time PvP mode.

BTW, if you ever wanted to know what the pack odds are for the Clear Men pack there you go.