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Budget Beast/Underrated Cards


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Figured this would be a good idea for a thread. Post any cards you've found who's performance or stats outweighs their overall or that over perform their price.

Dream Showdown Devin Booker:
Base Overall: 90 (Shooting)/89 (other 2)
Notable stats when maxed:
96 Mid
95 3pt
91 On Ball Defense
85 Steal

This card is a beast. Without 3pt boost, it's percentage is 69%, and has the height and steal rating to lock up opposing SGs. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for an extra shooter or who's currently building up their team.


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86 All-star legend Eric Gordon has everything you want in a point guard.
90 Mid-range and three-pointer. 87 Dunking, 86 on ball defense, 84 dribbling and +3 to 3 pointer.


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I disagree, by far only Easter MUTOMBO that I found effective and super cheap for doing all of AI work including 3 point hahah....


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TOTW Jamal Murray 89ovr. Sometimes he appears on the block for under 600k, sometimes for as low as 350k. He is basically a shorter Giannis (same player model) with better shooting and easy to train.