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Beware of ' Alabama ' application to your league


Rookie 1
Once you accept him, he will use his alt account to invite your best few members to his league

I have been invited six times ( he applied six times and each and every time I got an invite ) and I am the highest OVR in the league
Once he is done he will leave the league and join back his. His purpose is to steal your best members


Rookie 1
Agree to this. Made a thread about ?Alabama? in Gg.. but what he did was waaaay way worse. I had a league of super loyal team mates. We had a streak going on. He joined and asked to be admin. It was the first time I made a league so I made jim one. I woke up the next morning and he REMOVED each and every one of my league members.
I was so disgusted that I just left the league as is. Certainly a twisted dude. He has loads of alternate accounts.