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Best way to get ULs


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The ULs i want are Dwight Howard and Pau/Bosh. I currently have 4 million coins.
What would be the best way to get them?
I'm currently trying to snipe 80~82 OVR legendaries so I can build the wildcard but I'm kind of new to sniping and I've failed so far.
If sniping and making wildcards is the best way to get them, could someone recommend a good method and/or filters?


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You mean get the ones individually like the86s and the 89s instead of going for the Wildcards?


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I think bidding its may better then sniping. Try to bid for every card, thats how I build some UL's for really cheap


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Only use a wildcard on a set card that costs more then 1 mil otherwise it's a waste the best time to get a UL card is the 2nd day of its availability sniping the set cards is usually easier then the card outright but you b have to do your numbers correctly


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this is how i get them
1]first open the elite player pack i always get the new legend
2]then i sell the card for a much higher price
3]grind the event so many times
4]after 2-3 days i get the cards and if 90+ cards are expensive i go for the wildcard