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Attribute Boosts - Real or Placebo?


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I sometimes wonder whether attribute boosts are merely placebo except for aiding boosting team OVR, which in turn improves play against lower ovr teams. But, there are some I’m fairly certain help - Speed, agility, 3 pt, On Ball D, and Steal. Speed seems to me the great underrated attribute - it aids shooting by getting open easier, Def by staying on top of the opposing player, and I’m kinda sure it helps rebounding (especially combined with some agility boost).

So what about those rebound boosts? I see most of the highest ovr players (108/109) load up the rebounding boosts. But here’s the deal - when I play those teams, I don’t see a difference in their ai rebounding. When I load up (+8/+5) on rebounding boosts, I don’t see any difference in my teams rebounds. In fact, the only thing I’ve noticed is in manual switch there is a way to largely eliminate ai offensive rebounds.

But, I don’t keep records and chart this stuff. My anecdotal impression is rebounding boosts are a...
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This is why i'm waiting (long ass waiting........) to get 107 ovr Robinson & max his 109 off & def rebound stats with boost, and see if he's a rebounding monster or it doesnt matter at all.


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Just guess-work here...

Not placebos but I think there are hidden stats that can greatly influence a player’s performance. So, for example, you can have a player with a 86 3pt stat that shoots better 3’s than a player with a 90 3pt stat. A good example of this, this season, would be ghost Sexton.
I also think that one of those hidden stats may indeed be a placebo stat only meant to adjust a player’s ovr.

This being said, the exact same player with a boosted 3pt stat should be better at shooting 3’s than without any boost to that stat.
Also, a small boost may barely be noticeable unless you consider a very large sample (~100) of occurrences.

Also, height goes a long way in this game. But also in real life so...

Also, like someone has mentioned already in this forum, on SD you may have hidden boosts to the whole team.
Something like, in any particular game, the game considering your team to be “hot”, “cold” or something in between. This would explain how you may face a 105 ovr and crush them (like you’re supposed to with a 108-109 ovr team) and in the next game another (or the same) 105 ovr may give you a very hard time.

Two good examples of cards with non-impressive stats that play great are Rodman and Draymond Green
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I think a +3 really wont make a different, I think a + 10 will change how players play. I think other things like weight, height and hidden stats have a much larger impact on how someone plays.


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I've always thought this, that what matters is OVR and not actual stats in-game. Harden with 115 3pt shot misses just the same as Harden with 110 and 105. I guess speed and agility have tangible and visual benefits, but I feel that the rest is only good for OVR.
Im starting to think placebo as well. I've done experiments with my team by keeping the main line-up with and without boosts and they play the same. Remove 3 point boosts and they shoot the same, remove rebounding boosts and the results are the same. Other than speed, on ball defense, & maybe steal I really can't tell a difference when I stack the other boosts.


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