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App update - any details missing?


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With new app update they promised changes in LvL bugged shooting percentages. hopefully that's fully fixed.

we also got an adjusted shotmeter with a tiny green zone for +20 and a possibility of getting +14 in a three

there are some tiny design adjustments like the border around prices in the store or the top of the franchise menu.

there in the franchise menu there seems to be an item left to collect that doesn't exist(?) if you go after it.

also, the advantages pop-up at the start of a quarter may be unnecessarily large now.

what other differences can be seen?


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Thanks a lot for the update overview.
Something that I noticed after the update is that I can really easily steal the ball.
In past seasons they would have given us compensation for the Elevate problem. EA Japan would have bent over backward to compensate Asia users.


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App Update

I just updated my NBALM app and nothing really new appeared. On the app update description it said about the new lineups that were added and improved gameplay, I still however only have the one lineup.


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Re: App Update

YeaI think it?s weird how it said for me to update the app as it said it included the new lineups! But yea no change. Okay man thanks!


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Re: App Update

YeaI think it?s weird how it said for me to update the app as it said it included the new lineups! But yea no change. Okay man thanks!

I merged the topics and as for the lineups that is because the new lineups aren't here yet as stated in the thread I will link below there won't be any lineups until the next promo at the earliest which comes out in 6 days and that will be a promo lineup then some time after that is when the new 3 lineups based on lineup styles will come out for a total of 4 permanent lineups (main, shooting, defensive, and balanced) and 1 temporary lineup (promo/campaign) so take a look at this thread to get the info you need

threads/812"]<LINK_TEXT text="viewtopic.php?f=16&t=812">threads/812</LINK_TEXT>[/URL]


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App update is mandatory for everyone now, right?

Yeah it was made that way over 24 hours ago

Great to hear that! Hopefully we won't have to deal with untrustworthy lvl-scores again soon.

Meanwhile, since the update, the '1 item left to collect' notification is basically the opposite of what it should be
I saved 1 pack. and then there was no 1-in-a-red-circle, as if the inventory was empty.
I open the pack and now the left-to-open-inventory is empty...the 1-in-a-red-circle returns.


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