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Anybody have an idea?


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I have a massive problem on this second week of showdown. Currently in the first 30 but.. I have lost 82 games from teams 86-87 over. Is impossible to score against them. 99% of them are teams they just entered the legend division. Any ideas? By the way EA offered me a pro pack.
I got photos from every single game.


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I got photos from every single game! All of the teams are teams they just got in the legend division. Looks like the last 3 days they are making their way in the biggest division. I wonder if EA reward them by beating me to death.


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Any ideas?

you either played so much that 82 losses against these ovr is an expected win percentage against these ovr - i believe you're 99ovr+? - but even if you played over 400 games against them, it still seems an amount of losses that is too big.

you're playing so much that your ability to play well is being affected.

you're playing with abilities-deficit in most of these quarters, despite the ovr advantage

or we'll end suggesting you to share your gameplay, as usual, to try to find issues that you can fix.

and why would EA give you a pro pack for this? xD


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Edlllpt I?m now top 15, just got back from work and had few games. I?m 101ovr. Losing winning as normal. Last two games against 96 and 97.
Against 96 16-6 my game 2-22 the other:)! And the 97 12-9 my game 6-19 the other game! Both of the teams they just join the legend division. So something is wrong there.


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As said above, it depends of your total amounts of games played. if you played 10 games against these ovr and lost two. it doesn't look great, but it's still normal.

did you actually play well defensively in the 12-9, for example?

but my wildest guess is that you're playing with game bonus and winning percentages may be affected to limit extremely fast progression.

after all, you're top15, which requires a lot of games won.

maybe EA is telling you to slow down and play less. it may be healthy advice :)

I may be wrong though, and there's actually a bug somewhere at the top - but... didn't they tell you that Royal Lebron's reduced clutch was a bug? It may be the same kind of 'bug' that is no bug.


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You right on that! I think they set it like that so when you get into legend division you have to win games against stronger teams are already there.

But I lost them all against 96-97:) I play two hours everyday after work and a bit more on free days.

Teams from two million fans and over games are perfectly fine! Normal to lose and win and game seems fair. At least you can score some baskets. Is amazing how teams with elite players only flying around don?t miss a thing and beat you with massive score difference!

I?m surprised you remember about EA telling me that lebron clutch is a bug and they will fix it.
I am a 98 OVR and I beat 100-104 OVR teams in Showdown.

By all rights, a 102 OVR side should beat a 98 OVR side, and on most occasions they do, but sometimes the AI is significantly harder for the 102 user than it is for me and that's where I capitalize. That may be frustrating from the 102 OVR player's point of view, but from my point of view why shouldn't I be given a chance against higher OVR sides every now and again? Should I just give up when I'm faced with that sort of challenge?

The same thing happens to me against 94 OVRs. Do I begrudge them picking up the occasional win against me? No, because I remember when I was a 94 OVR trying to do the same thing.

The handicap against lower OVRs existed before Showdown and was worse in the past. I don't think it's a major issue.


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Commonsjapan I understand where you come from and I don?t disagree with you.. but in this season loosing 104 games from teams 5 over lower it is upsetting for me! Especially when I only beat 4 teams higher than me! Also all of them at same point. About 1.500.000 fans to 1.600.000. To me looks like their computer is set to give them the game! With scores 2-20 some of them! So when you see a team with elites only and you have spent lots of money to build a team is very upsetting! Especially when EA telling you lies that there must be a bug... against teams 99-101 is so easy! My team becomes a different team! Why not with 96ovr then? If I lower my over to 99 then all changes but that?s not the solution. Anyway good luck to all of you guys!


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Lebron's number of clutches being a bug or not is something that would affect everyone, so yeah I remember that.

Also, note that it was also easier to reach legend last season thanks to week1 bonus, so in comparison, the average quality of the opponents in the tier is certainly higher in this one.

with all those fans, beating only 4 teams with higher OVR than you is concerning... but I don't think I would 'blame the computer'.

I will keep telling you the same - share your game play - video or just text - and I think we would be able to give you helpful advice.

Otherwise we are all in this loop repeating the same ideas since gg, you continue to complain to EA and receiving pro packs -and kinda asking for deleted provocations/jokes from that forum friend of yours - last one was actually funny :)


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