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Any word on Gameplay Lineups being useful?


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I don't keep track of what Asros & the others are posting on Discord/ Reddit/ Twitter much anymore. Wondering if they've said anything about actually doing anything with the 3 other Lineups. I don't get why they ever bothered with any effort if they are only used for SD fan bonus and random events. Thought they were gonna be used in LVL at least. Total waste so far.... Would probably help with value of older cards in the AH if ppl needed to flesh out their lineups for a good reason.


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Hopefully not I have no desire to use any of the 4 gameplay style lineups in meaningful games


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i get what they tried.. but last seasons 2 lineups, classic and nba was my fav over the 3 seasons...
keeps some fun in having 2 meaningful lineups, where my other 3 are literally unauctionable teams
Hopefully not I have no desire to use any of the 4 gameplay style lineups in meaningful games
I agree, no desire whatsoever. I used to love the idea of using multiple lineups but with this seasons economy id rather use all my resources on my main lineup. Personally id prefer they remove the other lineups and we can just use created lineups for meaningful games. It makes no sense having the other lineups because as it is now we can create whatever lineup we want and use them. So if you want a classic lineup you can create one, want a shooting lineup again you can create it.


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I just hate how they implement ideas and they just die. No big deal if they aren't used. But I thought they could have been used in a good way in Lvl. But then they destroyed that with non existent rewards. Stupid that they haven't figured out a way to get us competing with each other and have it mean something. That should be the "bread and butter" of this game IMO
I think 3 lineups with no bench would be optimal. I feel like there are players I'll just never use because I'm so highly incentivized to play with my highest ovr.

For example I would love to play with 96 PF Ingram, but since I have 98 Giannis, I'll just never actually have the need to use tokens or buy Ingram


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