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André Sousa's 99ovr Franchise


Rookie 1

Simmons - Best price/stats
Harden - Free
James - Free
Love - Great rebounder and good shooter (similar to Gasol) 10ovr untrained
Howard - After a lot of time still one of the hardest to face on AI, true beast

Classic LU
Magic - 98 untrained, same as C howard, his AI is sick
Allen - great +5tpt boost and can be trained up to 101
Pippen - Cheap and cheat code player, strong on Defense mostly
Nowitzki - Same gameplay as love and Gasol, awesome on the boards and sharp shooter
Howard - Best price/stats

Who you would consider to replace? Any improvements?
Depends what your objective is? Your starting lineups are pretty solid. The only thing you could consider is to start adding Plats to replace your bench players with boost. Not a huge bang for the buck though as you lose some OVR without boosts. Maybe try to pickup some of the recent Plats with boost if increasing your OVR is a goal.


Rookie 1
The goal is continuing train all players rather than buy plats.. boosts are giving a few +2 to the starting lineups and I?m fine with that ;)