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ambient's 95 OVR Franchise


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Here's where I am right now. Not the greatest, but also not the worst lineup. Honestly not 100% free to play built, but largely so. I have rolled the dice occasionally on things like the low dollar ones for specialist, etc. Not particularly proud of it, but there you have it. Honestly most was earned. I think it was mainly Kristaps where I shortcutted a bit.


Basically, everyone on my lineups has high on-ball defense and 90+ three-point ratings. i don't just chuck up 3s, but I do usually connect on multiple every game. Billups has been solid for me, really enjoy him and pretty much always good for a steal every game, unless I play against Simmons or Nash. Kristaps is, well, awesome. I went for maxed out Markannen on suggestion of this board. At first, I wasn't super thrilled with him, but now at maz he's a very versatile player. Been having fun with him. I'm hoping to build out my bench soon..would like some boosts from my PG...
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Nice line up - No shame in adding a few $ to your account when your actual hours are worth more sometimes!

Lauri takes some time, but when you do use him over an extended period he ticks so many boxes!

Are you in a league atm?


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Thanks - I find that at this point, my upgraded Lauri is on par stats-wise with the 97 platinum Lauri out there.

I've been playing in a league called Lethal Swish. Been around all season, ranked around the mid 400s. Open to others, though, if there's a good match. I'm sure I'm not the best player out there at my OVR, but I'm very consistent about playing my quarters every day. Was last season as well, but that league fell apart.


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