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Alekk's 98 OVR franchise


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Updated classic lineup, NBA lineup is still the same
NBA lineup:

Starting lineup:
99 Magic Johnson (Match-up Nightmare) - it's in the name, what a godly card with card art to match. I'm also broke now cause of it.
96 James Harden (NBALM Master, maxed) - my favorite player in the league, best total stat/OVR ratio and a clutch. Unless there's a better Harden card that comes out later, I'm keeping this for the entire season.
95 LeBron James (Royalty, maxed) - like the Harden card, it's also a symbol that you've grinded the game.
92 Pau Gasol (Ultimate Legend, maxed) - all-around beastly stats with a +5 boost.
92 Lauri Markkanen - perfect center, just look at these stats

91 Ben Simmons (King of Ice, maxed) - had him for a very long time but already gotten bored of playing with and against the same cards every time.
92 Vince Carter (Ultimate...
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Re: Alekk's 97 OVR franchise

very good lineups alekk and for how much you spend on 99 magic
Nice lineups. How'd you cop the 99 Magic PG card? Sets or AH?

Got him through the sets, I started with only 4 mil and after sniping/selling my bench I'd say he cost me about 12 mil to build.

I bet that Magic is beast nice franchise man
He is a beast on manual. Too bad I won't know what his AI is like cause he's too rare.

Very nice lineup Alekk
Damn,great lineup
Love your line-up bro.


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Re: Alekk's 97 OVR franchise

Jealous of that Magic lol I would get one but I never drop below 10 mil coins unless it's for investment purposes I just switched from 98 Simmons back to 95 Rose and it's like I never made a switch


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Classic lineup update.

New cards:
POTG LeBron James
Specialist Dell Curry
Playoff Moment Dirk Nowitzki
Ultimate Legend Arvydas Sabonis


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Your PGs are sick especially that LeBron I was hoping KD wouldn't be a SF or at least similar to Magic where you can trade it in for a different card with the possibility of it being in any position but those were long shots


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