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Hey everyone,

Let me know how many Training Points I need to get Max level of them and how many coins I need to spent ?
I interested trying to use them on my line up, maybe Gordon Hayward (SG) or Blake Griffin (PF).

They are upgradable to 104 OVR right ?
And there is still a possibility that they will increase according to existing OVR, maybe.


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Takes 10k elevate points per level after 85(?) OVR + coins. Not really worth it at this point since all new cards totally surpass the Elevates and it's doubtful they get another update. I'm still using Whiteside on my 106 lineup but you also need to make sure you have the best version (out of 3) for whichever card you want to upgrade


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I had a chart I made but lost it but anyways yeah don't bother it's not worth it because they max at 103 and it's very hard to have them reach 105 only a handful can do it


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Yup. Like others said. Reallly not worth it. Especially if u dont already haVe them at 95. 40k coin per level. Thats abt 320 to 400k. Easily something cheaper available in the ah


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Okay thanks for all the information,
I thought I had to abandon my intention for them because I was just about to start elevate they.
Sad, because the program had so much potential, just doesn't receive enough love to be worth it. Made perfect sense when released, competed with top OVR and top OVR didn't have boosts at the time. If only they'd at least throw on a +2 team boost or a +4 or 5 position boost and also not let the OVR fall behind so far.....at this rate, we'll see it go away like Impact.
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It's like everything else EA turns to garbage..... Tons of potential.....winds up as nothing special


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