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98 TOTY Devin Booker Review


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98 TOTY Devin Booker Review

If you read my TOTY Wiggins review, you are probably thinking Booker isn't nearly as good.

While I won't exaggerate this, I played 30-40 quarters with Booker (lost count) purely because of how much fun it was, rather than trying him out.

I pulled him on my second try in the set, I was looking for either Booker or Spidad, and EA made my day.

With a base 3pt stat of 98 and base mid-range stat of 99 this card is most certainly not a let down. The most points I scored with him was 24, which he went 8/8 from three.

He had a few quarters where he wasn't shooting well at all, but I have other shooters to go to such as SM Porzingis and FMVP KD.

TOTY Wiggins replaced my maxed out DS version of Booker, whom performed extremely well, better than my CS Oladipo on manual.

I do like how well Wiggins drives and his surprising ability to shoot, but Booker has such an amazing consistency from three. He is also quite fast, which works nicely with BB Simmons who I...
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