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98 ovr franchise


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for classic line up, i only want retired players that i have watched, so nobody earlier than late 80s.

Pg 96 mm magic - the player that got me started watching.
Sg 96 showdown clyde - another 80s favorite.
Sf 94 ul pippen - planning to max him next. Great boosts and defense.
Pf 95 specialist duncan - it was either him or detlef, but i went with duncan since i rarely shot with pf.
C 94 ul ewing - figured maxing an elite would be much cheaper than turning platinum olajuwon into 99 ovr.

97 baron - free plat. Never used him
93 ul allen - for the boost
92 ul hill maxed - my former starter prior to pippen
95 webber - cheap plat
Specialist joneal - former starter prior to building ewing, decent boost.

Possible upgrade : 98 ds shaq. Is he better untrained than 99 ul ewing?


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Re: 96 ovr franchise

<IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/NouUO51.jpg">

for nba lineup, only current players are used.

pg 98 totm ben simmons. Currently trying him out. Bad at 3s, good at stealing.

Sg master harden.

Sf specialist paul george. Each week i dont get royalty lebron, i get tempted to train paul george.

Pf specialist porzingis - tall, great boosts and shoots 3s. 1 level to go before maxing him.

C maxed playoff turner - had to sell ul howard and regretting it since.


Lny lin - decent boost

Ul crawford -decent boost

Black friday kawhi - boost. This card i want to replace, since he is worth 2m tp. Hopefully by getting royalty lebron.

Ul david west - probably will be sold and replaced with legacy dirk, since legacy dirk cant be used for tp

Playoff whiteside - cheap ovr booster.

Upgrade being considered - 98 ds embiid if his price drops. I have not played with embiid cards though.


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Re: 96 ovr franchise

Update on my line up


<IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/ZfiREi1.jpg">

pg no change

Sg maxed ul ray allen, and benched clyde. Clyde will probably be replaced by 98 doug christie soon.

Sf maxed ul pippen

Pf currently using 99 malone, with 97 kmart at the bench. Might replace malone with mchale.

C replaced joneal with 99 big z.


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Re: 96 ovr franchise

For nba lineup

<IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/4lOV31Y.jpg">

pg -starting specialist lillard and benched 98 simmons. Liking the change so far.

Sg -no change, leveled up harden.

Sf- maxed mvp finalist lebron, benched max specialist paul george. Im liking it so far.

Pf - replaced ul david west with 97 kuzma at the bench.

C - benched turner and started dpoy gobert.


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