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95 Finals Olajuwon or 95 Specialist Bosh?


Rookie 1
I have both, thinking of selling Olajuwan and keeping Bosh. Olajuwan may be a little bit better for me as a classic big man in the paint, but Bosh is still great and I think they're close enough....and I've trained Bosh already so can't recoup with him. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


Rookie 3
Staff member
Both are great cards but I?d still say specialist bosh takes the #1 place - I?ve got mine @ 99 and he performs in all areas exceptionally well.


Rookie 1
Thanks - I also could use the cash, so Olajuwan would have to be measurably better to make sense to keep. I'll sell him....after I finish up Showdown, gotta get that bonus.