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88-97 OVR All-Rookie Players and ROTY Packs


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Here is the live event, the packs, and the players. Airway there are only 8 players because no more have been seen or reported.
Live Event

Pack and Bundle

97 OVR Balanced PF Kyle Kuzma with +4 AGL to Team

97 OVR Shooting C Lauri Markkanen with +4 ISA to Team

97 OVR Run-N-Gun SF Michael Beasley '09 with +4 DRI to Team

97 OVR Run-N-Gun PF Kenyon Martin '01 with +4 PAB to Team

89 OVR Balanced C John Collins

89 OVR Power SG Manu Ginobili '03

88 OVR Defensive SF Bogdan Bogdanovic

88 OVR Run-N-Gun PF Udonis Haslem '04...
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