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Yearbook Promo Preview


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Idk if I want to get that far into stuff because now it's into political stuff which can cause problems on the forum so I'll just leave it at this...

I just returned from Kenosha and lots of fires being put out in the neighborhood where my sister lives it's a maze there avoiding road blocks set up for fires to be put out and it's sad to see a town you know so well and have had to live near for 9 years getting burned to the ground especially the poor neighborhoods where all this stuff is getting burned down

Plus now we're getting over the edge in off topic stuff which has its place but not here where it was supposed to be about the promo but I let things slip and continued so I will take fault in that but for the next hour and a half before the promo drops (I'll wake up in about 3 hours so the promo thread will be late) this will be a promo preview thread
Stewie - My heart goes out to you and your community. I live in MPLS where 700+ buildings we're looted and burned to the ground. I stand with BLM and am all about protests. Get out and pretest during the day but adhere to a curfew at night. Extremist groups will decend on your city to burn it down and that's the best way to expose them. We need change but rioting and looting isn't the way to go about it. Stay safe and protect your community.


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