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Timeline: Yao Ming Promo


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Last time I went with the balanced 98 clutch Robertson but this time since it is ITP I'll go with the balanced overall version


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IDK how others define a dominant center in this game but for me it’s rebounds at both ends and some blocks. We had dominant centers last Year, but this year with the still screwy rebounding and blocking we haven’t had a dominant center in season 4. That’s the problem with a center promo - just how much will it add to your team‘s performance? Fact is your center spends most of his time on defense at the top of the key waiting to apply an unwanted double team. So the center is out of position for a rebound half the time. If the center blocks out, I t rarely moves to the rebound - still. The center perhaps has become The least important position on the team. Sigh.

That said, I’ll get 103 Yao. The stats aren’t impressive, but the card is 7’6” so there will be some rebounds and blocks I reckon. At the center position especially I’m paying less attention to stats than height. But Yao isn’t gonna dominate inside. The game isn’t set up this season to allow it.


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This far into the season an iLogicsHD had no clue what a balanced card meant. He stumbled his way into the right decision and then was amazed it went into all lineups. Oh My.......l.


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Why does it say that for day 6 when it just started? And does it say its ending on the 5the day?
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