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Lost coins.

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I just had 3.6 million coins and I bidded on this 98 Rui Hachimura and I lost the bid but when I looked at my coins I saw that I had 2.6 instead of 3.6 mil. and the Hachimura was only 500k on bid so I couldn't have lost that much. Can someone help me on what to do?


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Wait until daily reset & hopefully it'll be straightened out. Sometimes when I'm bidding against someone, if I re-bid before I see the message "GET BID BACK", the game will take the coins for my new bid before it gives me back coins for the old bid. If that happened as you lost the auction, it would make sense. Every time I've dealt with support on issues like this, they've told me the AH cycles every 24 hours, most likely at reset. So weird coin problems "should" be rectified. It's always worked for me, just waiting. But I know that it doesn't always get worked out. Good luck!

Steve Rogers

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Feel sorry to say this but my teammate last week have lost 2mill in bids in the same situation like you...hope you get your coins back


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Heard of the issues b4. Do what others have said.. but be prepared that u might not get the coins back
I had this issue, it took several hours to get my coins back. After going to bed and logging in the game in the morning I saw that I missed out on the final bid even though the auction ended almost 12 hours previously.


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