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Hidden objectives for eggs


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Let's make a list of any eggs we discover here, to make things easier for everyone!
I'll edit the list along the way :)
Please comment down below if you find any objective(and lemme know how many eggs it gives!)

Discovered objectives - eggs:
  • Win 1 arena match - x1 rainbow
  • Score 100 points in any game mode - x1 rainbow
  • Click on dragon on top left of promo page - x1 rainbow
  • Play all 5 easter events 3 times- x1 rainbow
    • might only count for first wins
  • Play a simulation campaign event and earn 1 green easter player - x3 green
  • Play a sharpshooters (no stamina) campaign event and earn 1 red easter player - x3 red
  • Play a showdown match and earn 1 blue easter player - x3 blue
  • Play an arena match and earn 1 purple easter player - x3 purple
  • Play a season game and earn 1 yellow easter player - x3 yellow
  • Win 3 arena matches(4/11/20 daily objective) - x1 rainbow
  • Play 2 season matches(4/12/20 daily objective) - x1 rainbow
  • Play 3...
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Same question for the sharpshooter campaign
Coz I played all the events in that campaign but didn't get the player


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So I didn't see an actual easter promo thread, so i'll post here......wow. I get that there's a global pandemic and what not, but this is probably the worst easter promo of all 4 season, yeah?
Well, it's not the worst, per se. You would prob get a 101 f2p


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I’ve done all the hidden challenges but only got eggs on the arena one
Edit- I forgot you need the players
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