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Guess I'll just introduce myself then...


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So, I'm Blaze Gamer. I upload some NBA Live Mobile vids on YouTube and I play a bit of Madden too(Although I'm not a big fan of Overdrive).

I first downloaded NBA Live Mobile in March of 2017 during the Mobile Madness Promo, although back then I didn't understand the game and I just played season mode for some reason and I stopped playing after about a week. I came back in August 2017 after I heard there would be a "reset" so I wanted to try get the best possible team before it happened. I started up the series "NBA Live Mobile: Road to the Reset" on youtube which successfully got me to 100 subscribers and I got a 94 OVR team. After the reset I've continued to play the game to this day and just finished NBALM18 with a 96 OVR team, and am waiting for NBALM19 with high hopes.

So yeah that's my story, kinda long sorry. I'm hoping to contribute here in a good way, I'm real glad to see we have a website like this now that NBALIVE.GG is gone. See you guys in the forums.