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Fairplay #EA


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Man I have been getting beaten by low ovrs lately but also beating some high ovrs...today jus played this guy and he is the top player...I finished the q like 4 minutes and this guy went on to play till last minute and into the last minute that happens... shooting 11 threes...in 2 and half minutes...hmm this is why didn't play much this game lately ...



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I?ve done 28 max and I?m 97 ovr.. I think it can be possible with a fair few steals as well.


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But 33 is not possible...dude only had +2 ovr then me...that's not a huge advantage...and his team isn't even have Ben...c'mon man we know this game AI..


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It is possible. You have to get alot of steals and all your 3's must go in. Its even more possible if its with the nba lineup.
I think it's possible. I'm always more suspect when your AI has 0 points but when you think about it, makes more sense if the total pts scored is only 30-35 as opposed to +40. Possessions take time and time is the enemy of big margins.

The key to +30pt games is steals and red hot 3pt shooting. I've only managed it once or twice but I've had a couple quarters where POTM Simmons steals everything and my shooters are unconscious and I post a 28-2. I could easily see someone scoring 33 under the right circumstances.


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This is possible, but only if he got really lucky on his threes, got a bunch of steals and played loose defense hoping for quick misses. I've seen more obvious instances of cheating, but I doubt this is one of them.


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