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Cannot see ads


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I have had problems seeing videos on NBA live for a month now. Some days, I can see a few, but today for example I couldn't see not even one video. I have suspicions it is due to the fact that lately I am playing from PC on Bluestacks, but as far as I remember I had the same problem on my mobile device before it broke. I press to see an ad, the screen goes black and it returns me back to the menu, where I endlessly try to see the video. It is very frustrating and I have lost precious resources and time trying to get in other ways collectibles for the campaigns. I know it is now a problem only I am experiencing, since I communicated with one of my friends and he told me he had the same problem to an extent. So far, I can only see one ad, and then I have to restart the application on bluestacks (and that doesn't guarantee that I will see an ad when I open it). I have restarted both the application and Bluestacks infinitely many times and I am running out of ideas. Please someone help me.


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I have the same issue, usually restarting the device allows me to see ads again. I never had issues with missing ads but every once in a while I reset my advertising permissions.


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