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Best strategy for MM after 60k pints reached


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Hello guys,
What's best strategy?
I stopped spending points after reaching 60k, now I have about 17k more. Can't see any way that I reach 100k before end of season. Apparently at the end if season this time no points carry over? If so, maybe best way is to buy golden packs but not open, after new season starts it may give new companion players and possibly a chance at new master?


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usually nothing transfers mini season (legacy is the current one.. road to gold was the previous one) to mini season.. including the mm packs and the 4k packs and points etc
so i would use them on 500/750 and hope to pull a 98 and sell instead


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i have spent close to 200K MM points this month and had no luck pulling an 98..... on the other hand I see others pullling 1 or more 98s in the same month...

In fact from the beginning of the season i have not pulled a single MM master......So i estimate 500/600k MM points spent and zero pulls.....


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200K? How much did you carry over to this season? I have pulled a master once, before reaching 60k. Also pulled a master last month from pack. I guess you have bad luck, keep trying...


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