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Best Sprinters In The Game?


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As most have acknowledged sprinting has been an issue since S2 and it gets worse at higher overalls so who do you see run the most when you hold the sprint button I've been an advocate of VC for a while on this aspect so getting an all sprint lineup could be the key to a god squad for manual

Another player I've noticed sprints more than most others is Yao but that's an offense quality and with his bad shooting this season it doesn't quite matter much outside of dunks since he can't hit corner 3s, pull up 3s or super pull up 3s (pulls up immediately by holding the D-pad towards the basket to the max distance is moves)


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Yao was the first player that came to my mind. LBJ is notoriously the opposite.
Yeah his 107 last season was crazy but it was miles better than his 103 all he is able to do this year is dunk and yeah LeBron's sprinting is what caused me to look elsewhere at PG and makes me wish I got Harden after his AI was buffed


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Ben Simmons is a great sprinter. In LvL if I don't press the guard button on defense just as the play starts, I won't be able to reach him before he gets to the rim. Talking about the 100 ovr from trade sets, I don't know about higher ovr versions.


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