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88-107 (Likely 108-115) Base Cards


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*Disclaimer* 108-115 cards are based on the pattern of every "Legend Edition" base card (they're called that because they mirrored the old legend token set base cards in terms of how big of a boost or boost amount and ability) you can pull from packs starting at 88 overall being reused every 7 overalls so they are subject to change especially the 111-115 ones but I will list them anyways

it also works with base cards in general but the lineups are switched around but boosts are not (starting at 95 overall) I don't list the regular base cards here because base cards usually suck stats wise compared to promo cards of the same player so I'll just list the ones that have the most value for lineups

I couldn't put lineups to all the theoretical ones but I did put lineups for all the ones we can see so far

PG LeBron James (+4 Agility to Team)
SG Klay Thompson (+4 Speed to Team)
C Rudy Gobert (+4 Block to Team)


PG Trae Young (+4...
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Santoz pg

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Ea cards Center is shooting perfect 3points with 80 outside scoring than sg with with 107 scoring late, I give up with Ea cards,harden James missing 75% 3points and Shaq is shooting 90% or what is the work of Sg😑


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My specifics are that I noticed the repeat of the legend editions a while ago but never put 2 and 2 together then I decided to look into it further after seeing the 105-107 base cards so with some research I found out the pattern on Wednesday so I filled out the list I was already keeping for a couple months on the legend ones and here we are


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